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Fire Sprinkler-FS20005

    Fire Sprinkler is a nozzle that in the case of heat, according to the predetermined temperature range to start their own, or start by the control device according to the fire signal, then sprinkled water according to the designed shape and flow.
        Material   Brass
        Surface Color   Chrome/White/Self-color
        Connection Thread    BSP/NPT
        Temperature Rating()   57/68/79/93/141
        Respond   Standard Response/Quick Response
        Installation Method   Upright/Pendent/Sidewall/Concrealed
    Nominal Diameter(mm) Connection Thread(mm) Flow
    Coefficient (K)
        Upright DN15 1/2 80(5.6) S –Quick (2.5mm)
    Quick (3mm)
    Standard (5mm)
        DN20 3/4 115(8)
        Pendent DN15 1/2 80(5.6)
        DN20 3/4 115(8)
        Sidewall DN15 1/2 80(5.6)
        DN20 3/4 115(8)
        Concealed DN15 1/2 80(5.6)
        DN20 3/4 115(8)
        Max Room Height Max Cargos Height Water Pressure Requirements
        9.1m 7.6m 0.1MPa
        10.7m 9.1m 0.14MPa
        12.2m 10.7m 0.17MPa
        13.7m 12.2m 0.27MPa
        The sprinkler is an early suppression quick-response sprinkler(K=363).The sprinkler has a flow coefficient of K=363 and a specially designed deflector that allows the sprinkler to eject large diameter and high-energy droplets create a spheroidal form stream below it. This characteristic allows the water droplets to penetrate the flame while cooling the hot air formed by the early stage of the fire,and directly cool the combustion body.Therefore this sprinkler head has special advantages for the protection of high cargo warehouses. The sprinkleris mainly used to protect most common materials covered by a film or non-laminated package including non-foamed plastic and other goods packaged in the carton. The maximum pile height of the productis 12.2m. lt can also be used in cylindrical packaging paper products warehouse.And rubber tire warehouse protection.
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