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eSmart MPPT Solar Control

Sunwind's eSmart MPPT Solar control is a multifunctional,extramely high efficiency(max 99%),it is the best choice of your solar/Wind Energy system.


    Model No. Specification Download
    Max Input Current(A) Discharge Current(A) System Max Input Capacity(W) PV Input Voltage(V) DC Output(V)
    MS94229915 15 30 DC12V 213 14V~100 12 Datasheet

    User Manual
    DC24V 426 30V~100
    DC48V 852 60V~100
    MS94229920 20 30 DC12V 284 14V~100 Datasheet

    User Manual
    DC24V 568 30V~100
    DC48V 1136 60V~100
    MS94229925 25 30 DC12V 355 14V~100 Datasheet

    User Manual
    DC24V 710 30V~100
    DC48V 1420 60V~100
    MS94229930 30 30 DC12V 426 14V~100 Datasheet

    User Manual
    DC24V 852 30V~100
    DC48V 1704 60V~100
    MS94229940 40 40 DC12V 568 14V~100 Datasheet

    User Manual
    DC24V 1136 30V~100
    DC48V 2272 60V~100

    Smart 2,Smart 1,eSmart MPPT Solar Controller comparison.


     MPPT Solar Controller Catalogue Download


    Charging Efficiency:Max 99%;
    Systen Voltage:DC12V/24V/48V Auto Recognition;
    Charging Mode:MPPT(Precision,Scientific,Stable and Efficient Power Tracking);
    Charging Method:Fast charge/Constant charge/Floating charge;
    Barrtery Type:Vented ,Sealed,Gel,NiCd,Other types of battery can be charged after adjusting through the user-definedsoftware;
    Communication Port:RS232/Upper PC Software,PC Test software;
    Accessories:Solar Controller /Hanging buckle/Temperature sensing Wire/ Communications Wire/Software /Manual;
    Color:Blue/Green or ODM;


    Model No. Max Input Current(A) Dimension(MM) Package(MM) Weight(kgs) Loading Quantity
    Net Gross 20'GP 40'GP 40'HQ
    MS94229915 15 205*168*60 265*196*110 1.80 2.00 4800 10000 14500
    MS94229920 20
    MS94229925 25
    MS94229930 30
    MS94229940 40
    Operating Temperature -20°C To +40°C
    Storage Temperature - 40 ~ +75
    Altitude 0~3000m
    Humidity 0~90%RH ( no condense)
    Atmospheric Pressure 70~106kPa


  • Ideal for all kinds of Off-grid Solar/Wind/Hybrid Electricity Generation system(Home,Farm,Signal Station,etc.) or Solar LED Street Light Syetem.

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