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16 Zones Repeater panel
  •  The Repeater is compatible with all RP1016 Series control panels Repeaters are available with 16 zones with 24V powered (DC). Mains powered repeaters require only a two core data cable from the main control panel. 24V DC versions require an additional two cores for power either from the main panel or from another 24V DC source.

    A mixture of Repeaters or Ancillary boards up to a maximum of 4 of each type can be connected to a control panel and each is allocated an address from 1 to 4 using a binary coded DIP switch.The total length of the data cable from the main panel to the last repeater must not exceed 1200 meters.

    * Power supply: 16VDC to 30VDC

    * Current of power: Standby current: ≤15mA, Alarm current: ≤75mA

    * Relay contact capacity: 2A@24VDC

    * Buzzer level: 80dB@1m.

    * Protection level: IP55

    * Communication mode:RS485 (Wires: RVSP type,1.0 m2to 2.0m2)

    * Dimension of enclosure: 200mm(W)x91mm(H)x45mm(D)

    * Material of enclosure:ABS, White

    * Weight: 350g

    * Hole of enter wires: 1/2 inch(12mm)

    16 Zones  Repeater panel,RS485 Communication conventional fire alarm panel


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