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With global temperatures rising at an ever-faster rate, acting environmentally conscious has more and more moved to the centre of public attention. One could say the world is reacting to this critical development. We however strongly believe that once you have to react to a certain trend, you might already be too late. Therefore Sunwind has, ever since established in 2002, been a pioneer when it comes to environmental improvement. A quick look into the company’s history shows plenty of examples.

To begin with, the company's roots lie in the Shenzhen,China, a city that is on of the world leader LED Lighting products manufacture base.Nevertheless the Sunwind is always trying to maximise production output but at the same time cut energy consumption per output unit and developing latest LED Technology,and turn it to latest LED Lighting fixtures.An objective we have been able to succeed during the last years as the graph below indicates a steady total electric power usage.

Furthermore every company’s most valuable and expensive asset are the people and we need to find the trade off between wasting energy on the one extreme and having the people sitting in the dark on the other.

On the one hand there is of course the approach to make the luminaries as efficient as possible. On the other hand we develop sustainable control systems in order to minimise the energy usage of our products throughout their lifetime.

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